About Us

GERALÓGICA, Ltd a Systems and Services Company

Automation and Systems Engineering

Geralógica Lda presents itself as a company of Automation and Systems Engineering. Founded in May 2006 is a micro enterprise oriented entrepreneur with a targeted customer needs productive policy.
We have a dynamic and experienced team in several areas of action, such as Industry, Environment and Buildings.

Our mission is to meet the needs of our clients, creating, innovating and implementing quality and distinction.

Economic dynamics, faced with growing environmental challenges and the growing demand of users of goods and services requires an ever more flexible solutions while maintaining the objective of cost reduction and quality assurance.

Geralógica, in collaboration with its partners and suppliers, helps to meet new challenges by creating innovative solutions from a technological point of view, adapted to the reality of their branch of business and organization. All our solutions are developed based on open and scalable platforms, ensuring a greater protection of your investment. The internal dynamic is based on “projects customized to fit the customer.